The Land Trust Partnership Program
IS NOT intended for beginners in real
estate investing. The LTPP assumes
prior experience and/or knowledge in
wholesaling or other real estate
investment strategies.

Wholesale REOs as a "Real" Cash Buyer
Buy & sell REOs without all the juggling acts, pickles or,
otherwise, sticky situations.  Real players in the wholesaling
business actually take title.  The big leaguers are not
horsing around with assignments, shell games or any other
flimsy techniques.
John Lydic started out just like many
other wholesalers, relying on assignable
deals to scrape up a living.  John has
since learned that it is actually easier to
find the money to purchase REOs than it
is to find sellers who are willing to give
you assignable contracts. John created
this system out of necessity, first and
foremost, for his own use and continues
to follow the program to a T whenever
he needs new funding.
The LTPP shows you how to find the money to
fund your real estate deals and gives you the legal
mechanism, personal control and flexible structure to put
it to use.  Program includes business plan, proposal and
presentation material, all corresponding legal forms and
documentation and complete, step by step instruction.

No attorney required to initiate, set up or execute.
Private money for real estate investing is available in abundance to those who know how and
where to find it.  John Lydic’s Land Trust Partnership Program shows you, step by step, how to find
the money to fund your real estate deals and provides you with the legal mechanism, personal control
and flexible structure to put it to use.

Unlike many of the funding systems out there, the LTPP is not about soliciting folks in order to
borrow funds, whereby, the funding prospect, essentially, becomes the bank, and the funds become a
loan.  You have to be careful with these types of systems, because you will inevitably invite the
scrutiny of the SEC, the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission.  The LTPP is simpler, attracts
more investors and, ultimately, brings more operating funds to the table.

The LTPP is a unique system which attracts private partners, not private lenders.  Private money
partners are individuals who come from all walks of life.  They are professionals, doctors, lawyers,
executives, nine-to-fivers, business owners and even average Joe's.  The LTPP attracts funding
partners by offering a passive income opportunity to individuals who, otherwise, do not have the time
and/or experience, but want to earn the higher-than-average return that real estate provides.  Your
cash partner puts up all the funds, you do all the work and profits are split equally.

Private money partners are actually looking for YOU.  There are plenty of average, everyday
people with cash or open lines of credit who are looking for unique ways to invest their money.  The
Land Trust Partnership Program delivers a proven system that gives you the tools to attract and
secure private money partners and empowers you with unrivaled access to bank REOs, foreclosures,
pre-foreclosures, short sales, probate deals, flips, rehabs, wholesale properties or any other deal
where cash gives you the edge.  Purchase-ready funds provide greater access to more properties
and allow swift action on competitive, money-making opportunities.

The Land Trust Partnership Program is its own unique and straightforward business arrangement
with its own legal structure, which acts like a joint venture or partnership without SEC entanglements,
unnecessary IRS encumbrances or long-term commitments.  Each transaction is its own entity held in
a unique trust.  A Land Trust Agreement, which serves as the agreement between you and your
funding partner, is conceived upon purchase of a property and terminates upon its sale.  The Land
Trust Partnership Program is a practical and powerful system that works.
No cold calling
or unsolicited pitches.
Program provided as instantly downloadable
Microsoft Word Document
for easy customization.
Cash is King!

Cash Is King.  So, King Me!
The Land Trust Partnership Program integrates a specialized and detailed business plan,
which is crucial in conveying credibility to prospective funding partners.  Legal documentation
initiates your business relationship and provides you with working capital.  A unique Land
Trust Agreement binds your relationship and funds the deal.  Together with documentation
that ties the investor's funds to the trust for "reliable" Proof of Funds, complete, step by step
instruction and insider tips on getting your REO offers accepted, the LTPP outperforms
considerably more expensive systems, which offer far less substance and utility.

John Lydic’s Land Trust Partnership Program™ is a fully executable and customizable
system used to secure OPM (Other People’s Money) to fund real estate deals.
The LTPP™ focuses on wholesaling REOs, but can be adapted to virtually
any real estate investing strategy where buying with cash gives you the edge.
The Land Trust Partnership Program IS NOT intended for real estate investing
novices. The LTPP assumes prior experience and/or knowledge in wholesaling
or other real estate investing strategies.

The Land Trust Agreement provided in this program
IS NOT valid in Louisiana
and Tennessee.  See FAQs.
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From a forum post at

How much does a land trust cost?

My team and I will be using Land Trusts to wholesale properties.  How much does it cost in attorney fees to
set up a land trust?  I was quoted $5,000 - $7,000 to handle all the paper work.  They give us a land trust
worksheet that we fill out with the necessary info to draw up the contracts and from there they handle the
rest all the way to closing.  What do you guys think about the price?

Our offsite answer:  
Run away.

Attorney fees for preparing a land trust can range from a few hundred to over a thousand
dollars.  Fair and average charges would range from $300 to $500.

The Land Trust Partnership Program includes:

  • Land Trust Agreement - A tried-and-true, 3-page, fill-in-the-blank , land trust, which is just one
    part of a complete package

  • Land Trust Partnership Program - A 4-page, detailed Business Plan, which outlines the program

  • Trustee's Receipt of Deposit, which initiates you business relationship and provides immediate
    working capital

  • Verification of Trust and Proof of Funds, which ties your partner's funds to the trust

  • Offer Summary - A simple, but effective cover letter for your contract offer package, which gets
    your REO offers to the top of the pile and accepted quickly

  • Plus, explanation and instruction for all forms and documents and how everything works together

For Only $39.95
Unsolicited Testimonials:

Thank you for making this information and perspective available. This information is timely and well-
worth the investment. You have changed a life, dear sir. :)

Warmest Regards,

Suzette W.


This is what I've been looking for to bring in partners for my real estate transactions.  Thanks for
making it available … worth every dollar!

Michael T.


You remember that I purchased your Land Trust documents back in June and followed up with a
thank you as I had done these types of transactions back in the 1990's and was in need of updated
and accurate new documents.

I did put this out to potential investors and have had some interest. In fact, one investor has already
signed a new agreement with me. We used your document templates and made a few small
adjustments to suit our needs.

The bottom line is that we now have enough funding in place to purchase 2 single family homes and
renovate to begin the program. In anticipation of this, we have begun shopping for our first project
and plan on making offers this week.

I know that the 'paperwork' alone is not what closes a deal with an investor as there are trust factors
to build relationships, however, it is most helpful while you build those relationships to have such
professional documents to show a prospective investor.....for which I am thankful to you for your
efforts in putting together such a professional set of documents.

We do have another investor who looks promising to become our next investor/partner in renovating
homes. Both this new prospect and the one who has signed and funded our agreement are 6 figure


Robert C.